Mattel unveils giant iPad

Hundreds flock to Westfield London to witness the launch of toys that work with tablets. Top toy manufacturer Mattel is showing off its Apptivity line to the masses today – with a giant iPad.

The company is holding a special event at Westfield London shopping centre and had several Apptivity products on display. These are toys that can be moved across the screen of an iPad to play games.

Boys are able to step onto a giant iPad and can ‘become’ a Hot Wheels Apptivity car by moving around the iPad and looking at the massive screen in front of them. They can complete challenges from the free Team Hot Wheels Test Facility app.

There are demo iPads on hands and other Apptivity samples dotted around the shopping centre.

Mattel’s boys marketing manger Jonathan Kirkley said: “Apptivity is all about cutting edge technology in an immersive play experience so it was important that our launch event tapped into the brand characteristics.

“This is just the first element of a highly strategic marketing programme that will bring the Apptivity collection to life across a number of communication channels including TV, digital, social media and viral video.”

The Apptivity range includes Batman, WWE, Hot Wheels, Fruit Ninja and other toys. Original article first posted on

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