Android: Welcome to the cleaner, easier-to-navigate foursquare!

The biggest change you’ll see is that getting around the app is much easier. The ‘Check In’ button is now always up at the top, and (good news for those of us with fat fingers) the tabs are therefore a bit more spaced out. Tap on over to the Explore tab and check out how much easier it is to navigate. And, just like on the iPhone, checking in is now streamlined and faster.

The other big update: Specials are now in Explore! Instead of just stumbling across Specials in the nearby places list, you can now search for great deals around you, and we’ll recommend them based on what’s interesting to you. That includes the daily deals, from partners like Groupon and LivingSocial, that we announced a few weeks ago.

Hope you enjoy these changes (and a bunch of other tweaks we made). We’ve got more in the pipeline, soupdate your app now!


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