Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

I have always been fascinated by behavioral psychology and learning as well as leadership and what makes good, if not great leaders. I recently came across Simon Sinek who’s work I would recommend reading more on [Link to his website here]  In the video he goes into detail about four main chemical determine what we do and why we do it. Watch and enjoy.

Four main hormones he mentions are:





Hoxton North Coffee: First Six Months

Today is the 9th of April.  We’ve been open for six months.  What have I learnt in business in terms of running and operating a speciality coffee bar. Well there are many things  all have which I would like to summarise into each month.

  1. Month 1 Working on your feet is the hardest thing I have ever done. Having been a desk slave for several years. Give me big ideas and strategy in front of a desk and I would be all over it! Working on my feet was a huge learning. I know fully respect anyone who does it.
  2. Month 2 – The second month which was November was busy – We took on additional staff and had various conferences which all helped the business cash flow and reinforced our belief in the location we had chosen.
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Hoxton North Coffee Video Diary # 5 – Coffee Shop Harrogate

Short video showcasing my progress of the coffee project that I was working on with my wife Hoxton North Coffee.  It was also our 5th year anniversary of the blog. When I first started the blog, my intention was to log my thoughts and showcase what industry changes were in terms of technology, media, marketing, social media and everything else in between.

It has been a great journey. Thank you again for continuing to read the blog. I hope your own entrepreneurial journey is going well. Thanks again.